July 12, 2023

Atelier & Tapestry uses the fabric that breathes

By Renu Kumar
Atelier & Tapestry uses the fabric that breathes


Global fashion market is full of good-looking scarves and shawls Anybody can afford these accessories, but do you think they will last for years? Will you not like to buy a scarf which is good looking and durable?

Scarves, basically, comes in many different shapes and sizes and, importantly, fabric. A scarf’s fabrication determines its texture, appearance, and weather appropriateness. So, choosing the right scarf with right fabric must be one of the important factors to keep in mind while purchasing one for yourself.

Wool-Silk blended fabric is the one that is durable and perfect for any season. Silk is a natural protein fiber obtained from the larvae cocoons of the the mulberry silkworm. And, merino wool comes from the fleece of Merino sheep – the breed of sheep offering finest wool for luxury apparel.  The scarves made with the blend of delicately soft silk and warm/ durable merino wool, makes them last for years.

Another aspect is that, while most people think of scarves as a winter accessory but in reality, it can be worn all year-round. No matter what the season or no matter what the fashion styles, there is a scarf fabric that is just right for you which can be your quintessential fashion accessory all year round.

Which is why we, at Atelier & Tapestry has chosen this amazing blend of fabric to create masterpieces for our brand. This brilliant fabric has the quality of insulation and at the same time, it’s increased breathing qualities allows the fabric wick away the moisture and lets it breathe freely. Making the scarf durable and the quality lasts forever.

Atelier & Tapestry is brand known for its quality and style of scarves designed in-house with original art work. Wearing an A&T product is like wearing an exclusive art that can be felt on your skin or with your hands. Wear them in style in fall or winter season to protect yourself from the cold. Or simply, wear them for evening soirees in spring season or snuggle these soft scarves inside in an air-conditioned room in summer.

We would like to inform all the fashion aficionados that these scarves and shawls, which are specially designed with original artwork on this fantastic fabric making each piece a masterpiece, can be worn at any occasion or event, with any outfit, at any time of the day and in any season of the year.

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