Who We Are


Atelier & Tapestry is a brand that promotes a fusion of original art with fabric. As the name suggests, our product designs are taken out of an artist's atelier and tapestried into masterpieces.

Silk blended with merino wool is a fabric that has brilliant advantages. By mixing silk with merino wool, the insulating and breathable qualities of the fabric increases, creating a warm, silky and durable fabric. This blend in the fabric allows wicking away of the moisture and prevent overheating.

Atelier & Tapestry offers amazing array of scarves made with this fabric, in addition, it has original artwork beautifully integrated into each piece. The low and high tone of the color on the art gets transferred onto the scarf. Having original art on scarves, makes the scarves itself a masterpiece. These luxurious scarves are for generations, as a symbol of style and elegance.

In the words of our main artist and co-founder of Atelier &Tapestry: 

“My journey as an artist has been influenced by my life experiences with different people, cultures, cuisines, dresses and different landscapes. My experiences of living in many countries taught me that there are numerous ways to look at things and situations and that life can be viewed from various different lenses. I am a strong believer that art can impact various aspects of life. Fashion and style are one of them. I have tried to create a unique style that can change the perspective of looking at art and life, in general." 

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