Who We Are

artist RK


A brand that promotes a fusion of original art with ethically sourced fabric. Designs are taken out of our artist's atelier and tapestried into masterpieces.

Transitioning from art to fashion is a creative leap. Our artist, Renu, took this leap to make people believe in themselves and their dreams. Transforming abstract art into wearable designs is a wonderful way to merge an artistic vision with fashion. What motivated her is the vision and a thought that art must not be limited to eyes to appreciate, it must be felt by wearing it. The accessory chosen was scarves which according to her is the quintessential to any women in any season and at any given point of time in life.

Scarves are such a personal accessory, and our designs carry that message of self-belief with every wear. Thus, an abstract art on a canvas turns into a scarf design. Each scarf becomes a wearable piece of art, allowing people to express themselves while carrying the message of self-belief. The artwork inspired by music and inner energy gives a sense of confidence and self-expression.

Our approach of infusing the rhythm movement of music into each artwork creates a dynamic interplay of colors, which orchestrates seamlessly into scarf designs. Each scarf design carries a vibrant and dynamic essence. It is amazing to see how the melodies and harmonies of music inspire the visual symphony of the creations. It is incredible to see those elements come to life in wearable form. It evokes a powerful feeling of uniqueness in people.

Our scarves become more than just accessories; they become expressions of individuality and self-assurance for those who wear them. It's inspiring to hear from people that our designs can empower them to embrace their uniqueness.

Renu believes trusting one's instincts is a powerful feeling that can lead to incredible discoveries and creations. The belief in following instincts not only shapes her artistic process but also inspires others to trust their own intuition in pursuing their dreams. It's a beautiful message that resonates with the essence of creativity and self-expression.

The journey of an artist in becoming a scarf designer has been a transformation rooted in the belief of inspiring others to believe in themselves and their dreams. By infusing abstract art into wearable designs, each scarf becomes a canvas for self-expression and individuality. Through the brand, the message of trusting one's instincts echoes, reminding us all of the power within to create wonders and embrace our uniqueness. As the brand continues to evolve, its mission remains steadfast: to inspire and uplift through the beauty of art and the empowerment of self-belief.

The brand uses silk blended with merino wool, a fabric that has brilliant advantages of insulation, breathable sustainable qualities, making each scarf a masterpiece in itself. These luxurious scarves are for generations, as a symbol of style and elegance.

In Renu' s own words  :

“My journey as an artist has been influenced by my life experiences with different people, cultures, cuisines, dresses and different landscapes. My experiences of living in many countries taught me that there are numerous ways to look at things and situations and that life can be viewed from various different lenses. I am a strong believer that art can impact various aspects of life. Fashion and style are one of them. I have tried to create a unique style that can change the perspective of looking at art and life, in general." 

                The brand is a member of Toronto Fashion Incubator


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