Symphony Scarf

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Designer Scarf for Women

A harmonious blend of elegance and sustainability. This designer scarf, inspired by the fluidity of music, features a mesmerizing swirling design that captures the essence of a flowing melody. Crafted from a sustainable blend of fabric, the Symphony Scarf offers both comfort and style. Its vibrant patterns and rich textures make it a versatile accessory, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Embrace the rhythm of fashion with the Symphony Scarf, where art, music, and eco-consciousness converge.


           85% wool : 15% silk


                70 X 200 CM


 Dry clean delicate


Is worldwide shipping available?

Yes, we do have worldwide shipping. Delivery days/rates may differ depending on the location.

Is the quality guaranteed?

Yes, the quality is guaranteed because all our products are made with the finest fabric blend of wool and silk making each piece robust enough to pass down to generations. We recommend preserving them in our custom tote bag which will keep each of our scarves last for years.

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